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It was a rainy afternoon, and Google called.

Partly since I run a conference, I was curious to see who in the field of Biofeedback has the most visibility.

I did a search on Google. After a few names I realized that for some of them, the names were shared by others. For example—Lynda Thompson also has a counterpart who is an artist and realtor.
So I went to Google advanced search and put the name on the exact phrase line "with at least one of the words" and added the words, biofeedback neurofeedback After digging up names, I checked out applications of biofeedback, then modalities.

I searched over 30 names, the top pullers on google were:

(John) Perry 3150 not surprising considering that incontinence is the top Biofeedback  application
(Jim) Robbins  2270
(Ed) Blanchard 1380
(Paul) Lehrer     1220
(Joel) Lubar       1140
(Rob) Kall      793
I also took a look at which modalities and applications have the most coverage. I required that Neurofeedback or biofeedback be present and then used the following words:
Not surprisingly, Muscle came in highest, which includes incontinence, stress, relaxation, stroke and neuromuscular rehab, pain management, spinal cord rehab and headache. Then I looked at different applications. Stress and anxiety came in highest.
Stress  78,700
anxiety 51,600
children 55,500
child 47,100
Relaxation 44,900
Meditation 44,900
ADD 40,300 (ADHD 13,500)
Stroke 40,300
Incontinence 37,500
attention deficit 33,500
Injury 32,800
headache 24,900
Spinal 24,400
Relax 19,100
consciousness 15,100
anger 12,600
autism 12,400
optimal 10,800
head injury 10,700
executive 10,400
athlete 9,250
athletic 7,130
Peak performance 3585
Transpersonal 3,130
meditate 2,420
tic 1780
Muscle 45,200
EMG 13,600
Electromyography 531
EEG 22,300
Neurofeedback 19,300
Neurotherapy 2400 4800 without Neurofeedback biofeedback connection
Brainwave biofeedback 1380
cardiovascular 19,700
ECG 3360
Thermal 4360
Temperature 14,500

HEG 268

GSR 2170
EDR 341
SCL 407
EDG 115


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Also, if I just search on a last name, like Lubar, Sterman, Othmer or Green, the numbers come up much higher. I attribute that to other people with the same last name to a smaller extent and listing in bibliographies as the main cause. I did not list more common last names since there are so many other names that are found in the search. If the first name is in parentheses, then it was NOT used in the search.
Any suggestions for others who come in with search totals over 400?
(John) Perry 3150 not surprising considering that incontinence is the top Biofeedback  application
Robbins  2270
(Ed) Blanchard 1380
(Paul) Lehrer     1220
(Joel) Lubar       1140
(Rob) Kall         793
Jim Robbins 781
(Barry) Sterman  718
(Sue and Sig) Othmer    706
Rob Kall   705
(Peter) Rosenfeld 683
(Jeff) Cram 646
(Stu) Donaldson 614
(Tom) Budzynski  584
(John) Basmajian  539 (only 47 with full name. I attribute this difference to listings in bibliographies.)
Elmer Green 506
(Joe) Kamiya 495
(Erik) Peper 488
(Edward) Taub 471
Joel Lubar 429
Siegfried /Sig Othmer 379 24 total 404
(Frank) Andrasik 364
(Len) Ochs 342
Barry Sterman 257
Anna Wise 308
Fehmi 307
(Bernard) Brucker 279
Toomim 264
Lynda Thompson 223
Hershel Toomim 208
(Steve) Baskin  212
Ian Wickram/asakera, 13/191 total 204
Len Ochs 196
Note how close the two masters of listserve discussion are
(Jay) Gunkelman 173
Val/valdeane Brown 64, 96, total 160
Sue/Susan Othmer 86 78 total 164
(Johann) Stoyva 153
John Perry 132
Cory/don Hammond 21, 125
Les Fehmi 120
Barbara Brown 113
Pat/ricia Norris 107
Donald  Moss  92
Steve/n Fahrion 38 39  77
Dale Walters  60
Paul Lehrer      83
Mark Schwartz 44 (with the word europe as an excluder to not reflect the man of the same name who is an employee of Thought Technology and the European Biofeedback Foundation)
Doil Montgomery 27
It’s an interesting study.
Of course non-biofeedback people like Thom Hartmann 6000+ and Karl Pribram 2900+ come up with higher numbers.
Any other suggestions on how to figure out this question?
Any other names to search? contact me Rob Kall



total count/ count when company's website pages are removed

EEG Spectrum         1980 / 1480
Futurehealth           1390 /1060
Brainmaster              1240 / 1100
Thought Technology 1040/ 965
Lexicor                        504
J&J                             455
waverider                   416
Neurocybernetics     169
Biocomp                    92

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