Futurehealth Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning & Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meeting

Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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Thurs. Jan. 23 9:30 PM Poolside Reception; meet & greet with refreshments & cash bar
Pre-and Post Conference Master Courses and Institutes
Jan 22-23 two Day Pre Conference Intro To Neurofeedback Master Course With Joel and Judith Lubar Comprehensive Training and Demonstration Workshop on EEG Evaluation and Treatment of ADD/HD, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, PTSD, Closed Head Injury and Other Disorders provides 16 hours BCIA approved credits toward EEG certification
Jan 23 One Day Multi-Speaker Neurofeedback  Foundations Course  teachers, include: Joel Lubar, Judith Lubar, Barry Sterman, Lynda and Michael Thompson, Sig Othmer, Anna Wise, Valdeane Brown, Paul Swingle, Peter Van Deusen, Rob Kall, John Anderson, Richard Soutar, Len Ochs,  Hershel Toomim,. (buy our video version from last year ($269) get better prepared to digest informatiobn at a higher level of understanding,  and attend this year's live course free.)

lubar.gif (7262 bytes)Sue and Val BrownSwingleB&W.gif (8827 bytes)

Peak Performer's Edge: Integrated Peak Performance      Program Rae Tattenbaum Jan 27-28
Jan 23 The Evolution and Current Status of Mechanisms- Based Training Master Course (6 hrs.) Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, The EEG Institute    Starts at 9:30 AM
       This six-hour presentation will cover the research history of mechanisms-based training; the current models underpinning neurofeedback; the current suite of protocols being recommended for the psychopathologies and neurological conditions; and the hierarchy of clinical decision-making for protocol selection. The course is intended only for seasoned practitioners who wish to have a comprehensive but efficient overview of our methods and approaches. The methods presented can be implemented on the commonly available neurofeedback instrumentation.
       Also to be discussed are ways of integrating the mechanisms-based approach with alternative approaches to protocol development, including QEEG-based approaches and stimulation-based modalities. Finally, implementation of the protocols on a variety of instrumentation will be addressed.
Jan 25 Thom Hartmann Attention Deficit Disorder: One Day to Transformation
Post Conference two day workshop on Using Brainmaster and Mini Q with Tom Collura and Peter Van Deusen Jan 28-29


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Meeting Overview/ Big Picture day by day

Jan 22
Lubar Workshop Starts
Jan 23
2nd day of Lubar Workshop
Multi Faculty On Day Intro To Neurofeedback Workshop
Othmer Workshop
Jan 24 Fri.
Winter Brain Meeting Opening Day: Theme Eclectic
Exhibit Hall opens
Jan 25 Sat.
Winter Brain Meeting: Theme: ADHD/Autistic Spectrum
afternoon-evening BCIA Prep Course

Thom Hartmann Attention Deficit Disorder: One Day to Transformation

Jan 26
Winter Brain Meeting Theme: Optimal Functioning, Pos. Psych.
Jan 27
Winter Brain Meeting

Peak Performer's Edge: Integrated Peak Performance Program Rae Tattenbaum Jan 27-28 (afternoon and evening)

Jan 28
Winter Brain Meeting
Start of post conference Brainmaster / MiniQ workshop

Peak Performer's Edge: Integrated Peak Performance Program Rae Tattenbaum Jan 27-28 (afternoon and evening)

Jan 29
2nd Day of Brainmaster MiniQ Workshop

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Introduction to Neurofeedback Workshop Thursday, Jan 23

Speakers: Rob Kall, Sue Othmer, Sig Othmer, Lynda Thompson, Michael Thompson, Valdeane Brown, Joel Lubar, John Anderson, Richard Soutar, Helena Kherekazi,  Peter Van Deusen, Anna Wise

Tentative Panel Discussion Topics: 

Our panels are among the best parts of our meeting experience.

-The Frontal Brain -Friday
-Roshi,  -NCPro, -Brainmaster, Procomp panels (multiple track, ie. at same time), Friday evening
-The Autistic Spectrum - Saturday
-Mini-Qs; status, practicality, applications -Saturday
-Training for States of Consciousness    Matulich, Wise  -Sunday
-QEEG Case Review -Sunday Evening
-Non-Linear, Dynamical and Other Advanced Visualization Techniques in EEG: Gabor and Adaptive Transforms Valdeane Brown & Karl Pribram-  Monday
-Free Will - Monday
-Successful Neurofeedback Practice Building Strategies -Tuesday


Plenary Talks
Jan 24 Friday
Theme Eclectic
Jan 25 Saturday
Theme: ADHD/ Autistic Spectrum
Track A
Track B
Track A
Track B
7:00 George Von Hilsheimer, Ph.D: E.T. Go Home! BF approach to Essential Tremor
7:20 Susan Cheshire Brown  Energy Healing: Fact, Fantasy or Fantastic?
7:40 Peter Van Deusen Effective Protocol Selection without QEEG
8:10 Tom Collura Practical alternatives for remote neurotherapy. How do we reach the home,school, office?
8:40 Break
9:00-9:35 Steve Baskin Comments on the Pathophysiology of Migraine
in other hall
9:40 Rob Kall
Conference Greeting /tips
If you don't Kill Your Client/patient, you haven't done your job.
10:20 Technology Update:in other hall vendors show their new hardware and software in three minute, question free presentations. Thought Technology,  Brainmaster, J&J, Zengar Institute, Biocomp Research,  Photosonics,   Roshi,  Better Physiology Ltd.
10:45 Peter Litchfield The Breath Brain connection
11:15 Break
11:40 Sig Othmer Dynamic vs. static protocols The continuing search for balance.
12:20 Sue Othmer Update on frontal & pre- frontal training and inter-hemispheric training .
1:00 Lunch
2:00-3:55 workshops
4:05- 6:00 workshops
7:30 PM Thomas Brownback Interpreting EEG frequencies to significantly enhance ongoing training evaluation and effectiveness
8:10 Bill Hudspeth  Can QEEG Analysis Find Connectivity Problems
8:30 Simultaneous User Group Panels -Roshi, -NCPro,
7:00 David Siever The Enigma of Sub-delta Entrainment
7:20 Sebern Fisher The fear protocol": Theory of FPO2 and the implications of new clinical data
7:50 Panel The Frontal Brain
8:40 Break
9:00 Ken Blum Reward Deficiency Syndrome; Neurogenetic Aspects
9:40 Rob Kall
Conference Greeting /tips
If you don't Kill Your Client/patient, you haven't done your job.
10:20 Technology Update: vendors show their new hardware and software
Thought Technology, Ochs Labs, Brainmaster, Biocomp Research, Zengar Institute, Photosonics.
10:45 Ed May a psychophysiologic indicator of precognition; participate in a study
11:00 Tom Budzynski: Electrodermal Response More Accurate Than Verbal Report in PSI Hitting?
11:15 Break
11: 40 Corydon Hammond, Ph.D Update on Treating Depression.
12:20 Joel Lubar, Ph.D. Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA) of Cerebral Activity in Chronic Depressive Disorder
1:00 Lunch
2:00-3:55 workshops
4:05- 6:00 workshops
7:30 PM Naras Bhat,
M.D.Reversing Heart Disease: Integrated approach
8:10 David Kaiser Do I exist? Ontological Insecurity and Mental Illness.
8:30 Simultaneous User Group Panels-Brainmaster, Procomp (multiple track, ie. at same time)
7:00 Shannon Warwick NCPro Neurofeedback for AD/HD in an Educational Setting
7: 20 Uwe Gerlach Light/sound treat ment supplementing SMR/ Beta Nfb training accelerates normaliz ation of negative ADD/ADHD symptoms"
7:40 Lynda & Michael Thompson: Ensuring successful outcomes with ADD Clients: using neurofeedback & metacognition
8:20 Ed Castro The Neurotherapy Full Court Press
9:00 Break
9:15 Thom Hartmann How ADHD Changed the World
10:25 Technology Update: vendors show their new hardware and software:  Ochs Labs, Deymed,  Pocket Neurobics, EEG Spectrum International, Comptronic Peak Achievement Trainer, Stens, Lexicor
10:50 Break
11:05 Panel: Neurofeedback With Autistic Specturm
11:45 Rae Tattenbaum The Role of Attention in Optimal Performance; A Five Phase Model
12:05 Peter Orlando Controlled study Using  EEG BF with Elementary Students Who Have Learning Problems
12: 20 David Siever  T3 as a Determinate in Diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome In Identical Twins
12:40 Thomas Mueller NFB at Salem- Stadtsteinach
1:00 Lunch
7:00 Elmar W. J. Weiler*, Klaus Brill*, Victoria L. Ibric Neuroplasticity induced by Neurofeedback? A Case Report
7:20 Michael Linden SPECT vs QEEG Map vs QEEG Scan: Which is the most accurate & affordable for ADD?
7:50 Victoria Ibric, M.D.. Bill Hudspeth, & Steve Krentzman Roshi protocols in a case of Autism post toxic encephalopathy
8:20 Hershel Toomim Brain oxygenation proportionally improves Variables of Attention
9:00 Break
single track in other Hall
9:00 Break
9:15 Thom Hartmann How ADHD Changed the World
10:25 Technology Update: vendors show their new hardware and software Ochs Labs, Deymed,  Pocket Neurobics, EEG Spectrum International, Comptronic Peak Achievement Trainer, Stens, Lexicor
10:50 Break
11:05 Robert Gurnee -Treatment of Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Auditory Processing Disorders, -Adverse Effects of Alpha-Theta Training:
11:35 Panel: Mini-Qs; status, practicality, applications
12:35 Mari K. Swingle Cranial electrical stimulation as adjunct to neurotherapeutic treatment of ADD & other cognitive disfunctions.
1:00 Lunch


Plenary Talks
Jan 26 Sunday


Jan 27 Monday


Jan 28


Track A Track B Track A Track B Single Track
7:00 TBA
7:20 John Lowan Access to Blissful Awareness, Profound Healing and Optimal Functioning
7:40 John Anderson The Bliss protocol and Using and Encouraging Intuition in Neurofeedback Training
8:00 Liana Mattulich Sage’s Work in NFB Becoming the change we wish to create
8:40 Technology Update: vendors show their new hardware and software three minutes per vendor
9:00 Break
9:15 TBA
9:35 A. Martin Wuttke Beyond Brainwaves: Awakening & The Way of Neurofeedback
10:10 Lynda & Michael Thompson: A model for providing in-house training for executives.
10:40 Lynda Kirk Brainwave Workout; Optimal Performance and Intution training with a Day trader
11:10 break
11:30 Richard Soutar: Attachment, Habituation, & Mental Disorder: East Meets West
12:00  Hyla Cass, M.D. Natural Treatments For Disorders of Mind, Mood, and Behavior
12: 30 Jon Cowan Can Neurofeedback Enhance Authentic Happiness 
1:00 Lunch
8:30 PM Panel QEEG Case Review
7:00 Lobsang Rapgay Mindfulness Practice to Enhance Attention Awareness and Affect; Integrating Tibetan and Western Approaches
7:40  Valdeane Brown Approaching NFB As An Applied Non-Duality Practice: Engaged Compassion And Absolute Bodhicitta As The Foundation Of Transformation
8:20 Ed May Government Funded Psi Research; an overview
9:00 Break
9:15 Rob Kall Things Not Yet Done. Blind Spots and the Art of Possiblity
9:35 Rae Tattenbaum Neurofeedback to Enhance Operatic Performance
10:05 Anna Wise Sequential Awakened Mind: The Flow of Information from the Subconscious to the Conscious Mind
11:10 Break
11:30 Beverly Rubik: The Human Aura in Health and Healing 
12:30 Jane Gutman Mending the Blueprint of Memory
1:00 Lunch
8:30 Panel: Training for States of Consciousness: Matulich, Wise
7:00 Kathleen Powers, D.C. Gravitons to Gamma Waves: Afferent Modalities in Brain Therapy
7:30 Cheryl Alexander Traumatic Brain Injury and EEG Feedback Training: QEEG Outcome Data
8:10 break
8:15 Karl Pribram Forebrain Psychophysiology and Feelings
9:15 Break
9:20-10:20 Panel Free Will Sebern Fisher, Sig Othmer, Karl Pribram, David Kaiser
10:25 Panel: Non-Linear, Dynamical and Other Advanced Visualization Techniques in EEG: Gabor and Adaptive Transforms Valdeane Brown & Karl Pribram
11:15 Judith Lubar: Working with Octogenarians
11:35 break
11:45 Robert Gurnee Anorexia & Bulimia QEEG & treatment Interventions
12:10 Barry Sterman The Use of QEEG for Protocol Development and Pre-Post Neurofeedback Assessment in Cases of Epilepsy and Mild Closed Head Injury
1:00 Lunch
2:00-3:55 workshops
4:05- 6:00 workshops
7:00 TBA
7:55- 8:10 J.D. Elder Quick Assessment for Neurofeedback
8:10- 10:15 Single track other hall
10:25 Thom Hartmann Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance & Theft of Human Rights
Discussion on How Corporations have corrupted health care and education.
11:30 break
11:40 Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D. Are You looped?" Deny it or not, as a clinician you are very much in the Neurofeedback loop. the issues of Transference/counter- tranference and their impact on treatment.
12:20 Paul Swingle Energy and Emotional Release treatment Procedures that Facilitate Neurotherapy
1:00 Lunch
2:00-3:55 workshops
4:05- 6:00 workshops
7:15 Beverly Steffert A   tinted  world-view
7:30 Estate Sokhadze
Brain-computer interfaces and  Dense-array assessment techniques in psychophysiology and psychopharmacology
8:00 Robert Gurnee -SMR Excess: Symptoms and Treatment"
8:30 Evelyn Soehner Neuroelectric Behavior & Bio- communication Processes
9:00 Joel Lubar Loreta Neurofeedback, the next frontier: a First Report
9:30 Gay Larned Practice Building Strategies
10:00 Break
10:10 Panel Successful Neurofeedback Practice Building Strategies Linden, Swingle, Larned, Stoler
11:15 Bill Scott Abreaction and other common negative responses to biofeedback: Considerations and interventions
12:15 Rae Tatttenbaum
The role of the intuitive in sport and the performing Arts

12:45  Mie Tsuchimoto, M.A. Research on NFB

Printer Friendly Plenary Schedule and Registration Form           Printer Friendly Workshop Listing   

Optional Afternoon Workshops

Scheduled between 2-6 PM. Workshops with letter "a" start at 2:00 PM and run until 3:55 unless they say "a4" and those run until 6:00 PM .Workshops with letter B start at 4:05 and run until 6:00 PM.

Detailed Workshop Descriptions

Friday, January 24 

Linda & Tom Brownback


Understanding the Functions, Pathologies and EEG Frequencies at each of the International 10-20 System Locations within a fully Integrated Neurotherapy System Approach.

Robert Gurnee


How to run an ADD Clinic

Lynda /Michael Thompson


Using Neurofeedback for Autistic Spectrum Disorders

A. Martin Wuttke


The Way of Neurofeedback & The Science of Kriya Yoga

John Anderson


Neurofeedback as Self-Awareness / Self-Regulation training; Getting Away from the "Illness Treatment Model

Sue Othmer


Interhemispheric EEG Training

Sig Othmer


So it's all nonlinear dynamics? Now what?: Future developments in neurofeedback

Judith Lubar


Adjunctive Therapeutic Techniques for Enhancing Neurotherapy Success. This  workshop meets the 4 hour category "other therapeutic techniques" requirement  for BCIA EEG certification

Corydon Hammond


Integrating Neurofeedback and Hypnosis in Treating Medical/ Psychological Disorders.

Susan Cheshire Brown


Moving From Technician to Healer: Incorporating Energy Healing Wisdom into a Neurofeedback Practice

Tom Collura


Advanced BrainMaster Practicum with Remote Training

Saturday , January 25 

Paul Swingle


Mini-Q; Rapid Assessment of A wide range of orders based on Single Channel Technology.

Naras Bhat,M.D.


Preventing and treating heart Disease with Biofeedback and Related Modalities

Ken Blum & Nancy White


Dynamics of Neurotransmitter Manipulation by Nutraceutical Intervention

Ed Castro,M.D.


Medical Considerations for Neurofeedback providers

Thom Hartmann


Attention Deficit Disorder: One Day to Transformation

Joel Lubar


Use of Multiple Databases, New EEG Artifacting Techniques and LORETA analysis for Neurofeedback Interventions

Liana Matulich


Integrating ancient wisdom with Quantum Physics to Dive Deep into the Energetic Physiology of Optimal States of Awareness; A Buckyball approach to Personal Transformation and how it will lead to Healing clients and The Planet

Richard Soutar


Teaching Meditation Through Neurofeedback

Peter Van Deusen


Building your Dream Private Practice;

Helena Kerekhazi


Protocol creation and Peripheral modality Biofeedback with Biograph

Lynda/ Michael Thompson


BCIA Prep Course

Sunday , January 26   

Barry Sterman


QEEG and Neurofeedback in the new Millenium

Thom Hartmann


Touching the Power of Life: Waking up to Personal and Global Transformation

Anna Wise


Awakening the Mind: Mastering the Power of Your Brainwaves"

Beverly Rubik


What Does Your Aura Reveal? Scientific Analysis of the Human Aura

Edwin C. May, Ph.D. and Cheryl Alexander


Learn About and Test Your Own ESP or Remote Viewing Ability:
A Two-hour Workshop

Sebern Fisher


A Quick Primer on Attachment Disorder

Jan Hoover


Operating the C2-I-330 System for EEG, HRV, RSA and peripheral biofeedback

Victoria Ibric, M.D


ROSHI as diagnostic tool, a practical approach and application

David Siever


Audio-visual entrainment - How it works, Studies and Clinical Applications -

D. Siever & Tom Budzynski


Audio-visual Entrainment for Improving Mental Function and Cognition in Seniors

Hershel Toomim


Clinical Cerebral Blood Flow HEG workshop

George Von Hilsheimer


A2-Pocket Neurobics EEG tutorial

Jon Cowan


De-Confounding the Beta-Theta Protocol into Two Separate Components of Attention

Monday , January 27       

Michael Linden c37-2b QEEG Based Assessment and Treatment of Children-Adults with ADD

Karl Pribram


Current Directions in the Study of Conscious Experience

Thom Hartmann c39-2b ADHD Secrets of Success

Robert Gurnee-


Intro to Neurofeedback Protocol Design based on QEEG

Robert Gurnee-


advanced Neurofeedback protocol design based on QEEG

Valdeane Brown


Cutting Edge Approaches to Targeting in NFB: Comprehensive Box Targeting, Comprehensive Lines, Complex-Adaptive Procedures, and Targeting Based On Mind-Body Energetics.

Uwe Gerlach


Combined EEG feedback/light-sound training for children and adults with ADD/ADHD symptoms

Victoria Ibric, M.D


ROSHI and applications, with longitudinal case studies"

Bill Scott


Refining Alpha Theta protocols for OCD, Depression, Addiction, Anxiety: alpha suppression, assisting crossover, differentiating alpha/theta vs. Beta/SMR responders , troubleshooting for non-responders, working with children.

Stephen Sideroff c46-2a Clinical Tips and Pitfalls in Neurofeedback

Rae Tattenbaum

c47-4+2a The Peak Performer's Edge; Integrated Peak Performance Program ( 2 days)

Tuesday , January 28

Rae Tattenbaum

  The Peak Performer's Edge; Integrated Peak Performance Program ( 2 days)  2nd day.  ONly registrants for whole course can attend

Bill Hudspeth


Differential Diagnosis of Brain Connectivity Status; considering correlation, coherence and comodulation

Robert Thatcher c-49-2b QEEG Database use

Peter Litchfield


THE BRAIN-BREATH CONNECTION: breathing chemistry and its effects on physiology  and behavior

Gay Larned


SELLING NEUROFEEDBACK; Developing A Successful ‘Gorilla Marketing’ Plan For Fun and Profit

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