Futurehealth Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning & Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meeting

Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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Register Early for the 2007 Meeting

and Get the BEST deal

Hotel Info & Reservations

$20 Hotel Rebate Credit for each night a person stays at the meeting hotel. This offer is restricted to registrants who pay the normal registration fee for a given date (not available to discounted registrations. The credit is based on $20 per night per room, so, if two people stay in a room, the credit is a total of $20 or $10 per person. The registration fee as listed in above schedule, and registrants must register in the hotel as a Futurehealth meeting attendee, not under any other arrangement. The discount is not available to exhibitors or people who register on a  work-study basis.

We offer this for each night you are attending the Futurehealth meeting or pre or post conference events you have registered for through Futurehealth to a maximum of 5 nights .To get the rebate credit you must provide us with a copy of your paid hotel receipt, after you've checked out. The credit can be applied to anything Futurehealth sells or toearly registration for the next year's meeting. It can not be applied to purchases at the meeting you get the credit for, except to pre-register for the next year's meeting or workshops.

Why do we do this hotel arrangement?
1) This meeting is more than just the imparting of information. It is the creation of a very very special community, which repeat attendees have grown to cherish and look forward to reconnecting with each year. We want you to stay at the hotel to be a part of it.
2) Because, in order to get a hotel with decent conference facilities, we need to commit to have a minimum number of rooms picked up by registrants.

(Combining discounts is not allowed without prior authorization.)

Pre-register for optional, additional fee workshops. We offer two and four hour workshops for additional fee at the meeting. Two hour workshops are $55 and 4 hour workshops are $95, but if you pre-register for unspecified workshops, you pay a discounted rate, lower than the $245-$275 you would pay if registering for the workshops on-site. You may register for two blocks of 10 hours, if you choose.

Prices based on cash or check payment. 3 % surcharge on all other forms of payment

save by registering early.


Register before:  Pay by Credit Card, Paypal or  check


Jan 8

After Jan 8 2007

Winter Brain Meeting Jan. 19-22, 2007(including Optimal Functioning Meeting and StoryCon meeting)


Optional 10 hr. Workshop package: afternoon workshops are optional, additional fee. You can buy a package of ten hours worth ahead of time and save, compared to the price of $55 for a two hour workshop and $95 for a four hour workshop that you pay on site. You can buy up to two 10 hr. pkgs. 



One Day Intro to EEG Biofeedback pre-conf Jan 18, 2007. with at least 10 teachers, including


Best Deal for First Timers Package Combination Winter Brain 2007 (Jan 19-22) &   One day multi-speaker EEG BF  Foundations Course (Jan 18 ) & 10 Hr. Workshop Pkg


Returnee & Advanced Practitioner Best Deal Plenary & 10 hr Workshop Combination Package Registration


Three Day Registration


Two Day Registration


One Day Registration


Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology Mtg Jan 21,22 2007


StoryCon Meeting


Paul Swingle Neurotherapy as Primary Care

Rae Tattenbaum; The Secret Weapon: The Mind Empowering Achievement-Oriented Clients with a Five Step Program for Optimal Performance Jan 17-18
John Lowan and Paul Petty:  NeuroWave: The Art and Science of Meditation    Jan 17-18



Stephen Larsen: Introduction to the Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS):  Jan 16-18


John Demos Getting Started With Neurofeedback 
BCIA Certification Course Jan 15-18


Seberne Fisher Trauma and Recovery: The Integration of Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy Jan 18, 2007

Exhibitors:  Call or e-mail  for exhibitor details.

Prices based on cash or check payment. 3 % surcharge on all other forms of payment card payments.

Cancellation Policy
100% refund before August 15 and at any time on optional workshops.
Cancellation fees for meetings and the Foundations course  will  apply after Aug. 15 2006
Cancellation fees:  $25 before 10/15/06, $50 before 11/30/06, $100 before 1/1/07, $200 before 1/20/07, no refunds after 1/12/07 (a $200 deduction will be applied and then the balance can be credited towards  registration for the next year’s meeting and or the purchase of tapes from the current and past years’ meetings.
To get any refund or credit due to canceling attendance for emergency reasons such as a death or severe illness in the family, registrants must put in writing a request for credit/refund within two weeks of the first day of the meeting. Each case will be evaluated individually to determine whether a partial refund or credit will be allowed. In all cases, the decision making process may take up to 180 days and once the decision is reached, if a refund is determined as the outcome,  it can take up to 12 months from the starting day of the missed meeting to be sent. Futurehealth is not bound to refund any monies for people who miss the meeting. It is our intent to be fair in offering credit and refund options, but we reserve the final right in making the decision.

Full time students rate: half price for meeting or attend free on our work study program, helping man desks and taping lectures and workshops. We are very happy to have students participate in our meeting, since this is a way we can help bring new faces, new blood, new ideas and energy into the field. We make sure that most of the time, when you are fulfilling your work/study, that you are in lecture halls, helping with taping or making sure people have properly registered for workshops. Our goal is to make it a fun experience you can afford.  We'll also be glad to help you find room-mates to lower your hotel room costs.

We don't want to turn people away for financial reasons. Rates and arrangments  for students and people with financial difficulties available.    Reviewed on a case by case basis and tax statement may be required. 

  We'll also be glad to help you find room-mates to lower your hotel room costs. Just call our office and put your name on our room-mate list, with your room-mate requirements. 

211 N. Sycamore,  Newtown PA 18940
215-504-1700 fax tba

Presenting at one of our meetings:

We love to see new faces and ideas.  our goal is to have each presenter talk about what is new and exciting-- giving him or her a buzz-- what you're passionate about. We do not want anyone's standard "dog and pony show."  But contact us soon. This year, the early response has been amazing. 34 speakers responded in the first week after we put out the call.  If you can't make the meeting, but would like to submit a poster, contact us to discuss possibilities.


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