Futurehealth Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning & Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meeting

Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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Kind Words Endorsing the Meeting

Joellub.jpg (35817 bytes)The premier meeting in the entire area of EEG biofeedback and an outstanding opportunity for in-depth interaction with the experts in the field.     Joel Lubar,  Past President, AAPB
"This is the best conference for anyone interested in healing and human potential.  It brings together the best teachers of neurofeedback, applied cognitive science and all creators and users of the technologically assisted brain/consciousness training methods, and allows us to learn how to actually use it all  for growth and healing of ourselves and our patients.  Rob, thanks for having this great meeting.  I look forward all year to being with the good people, to the learning and sharing, and to the Palm Springs experience - and it never disappoints!" Don Morgan , Psy.D., Director, Psychological Clinic Rutgers U. Grad School of Applied & Professional  Psych.
"This is the only conference I speak at that I would pay to attend." Thom Hartmann
A unique, congenial and free- wheeling    forum for the exchange of  practical information and ideas about the brain. My favorite brain meeting. 
Barry Sterman, Past President AAPB
Picture of Dr. Karl PribramA meeting not to be missed if you are interested in the reasons for the "how-to" of  brain electrical recording. The meetings are, therefore, exciting and a haven for cross- fertilization of ideas and techniques    Karl Pribram
Rob (Kall) historically sets the standard for EEG Biofeedback Conferences.
Lynda Kirk, President, SNR,   President Elect, AAPB

Sometimes when I am considering if I want to do a project I ask my self what difference will this conference make in six months or in six years.  Since I have been participating in the Future Health program as an attendee and as a presenter it has made an invaluable contribution.

After all it was the place to hear Michael Hutchinson, Les Fehmi, Anna Wise and the wonderful Thom Hartman. The conference of 2004 surpassed my expectations. It was a time when many of us come together as people irrespective of the technology we utilize or if we use Q's or not.  We are first people who have a passion about the brain.  The atmosphere is conducive to catch up on relationships and to learn first hand the latest thinking from some of our colleagues.  It is always the place where you can hear Val or Sigfried put together a mind challenging presentation. The Thompson's always deliver their current work and research which proves invaluable. Both Joel and Judith make themselves available as people and are so supportive of others while they always bring something interesting to the table.
It is Rob Kall's vision and work that makes this conference happen.

Rae Tattenbaum

...the Winter Brain Meeting is for the cognoscenti of brainwave training as well as other new, experimental health care techniques....attracts the intelligent, out-of-the-box thinkers. The Seminars are fascinating, but the talk at the bar is among the most unusual of any conference I've attended. Jim Robbins, Symphony in the Brain

"Where the old guard and the new guard meet. I wouldn't miss it."
Tom Allen,  Neurofeedback trainer

  The Futurehealth Conference continues to be the premier event in the field of NF Where else can you talk to and listen to the leading researchers and practitioners in neurofeedback? The atmosphere is collegial, respectful and it's fun! If you only go to one conference this year, this is the one to go to.
Valdeane Brown, Clinical Psychologist, Neurofeedback Trainer

schwartz.gif (7487 bytes)If you want to learn the latest about neurotherapy, meet fellow neurotherapy researchers &   clinicians, and be inspired, this is the meeting to attend."  
Gary E. Schwartz,  Past AAPB Pres.
"Exciting and fun. This meeting covers Megabrain topics better than any other."
Michael Hutchison, Megabrain
"Best conference for leaders, innovators  
Angelo Bolea,    Psychologist
Len's Headshot.GIF (57344 bytes)Your workshop is the only major one drawing field experts which allows concentrating on EEG, and completely avoiding any trace of politics and bureaucratic concerns.
Len Ochs
A Spectacular meeting of great minds with the courage to be on the cutting edge.      Nancy White

If you like state-of-the-art information on optimal functioning and  neurofeedback from experts around the world - this is the conference. I really like the feel of your annual winter brain conference. It reminds me of the excitement, energy and enthusiasm of early biofeedback meetings when we were all young. You deserve a lot of credit for organizing the excellent programs year after year.  Tom Budzynski, Past Pres. Biofeedback Society of America

Winter Brain Meeting opens the door for "all" of us to share our experiences & findings in a safe, nurturing environment.
Mary Jo Sabo,
Enrico Fermi School, Yonkers, NY

"FutureHealth's EEG meeting offers a more open minded atmosphere for discussions than most other EEG meetings.  EEG feedback is a  powerful tool for transcendent experience, when used with proper  equipment and protocols, but other EEG groups seem only want to hear about medical model therapies and insurance reimbursement methods.   FutureHealth's forum allows, indeed encourages, sharing about methods for and the results of expanding awareness, and the spiritual dimensions of the transformations and awakenings which occur through  suitably intensive EEG feedback trainings."
Dr. James V. Hardt, Biocybernaut Institute

A true gathering of the tribe. An extra-ordinary EEG conference where the practical and the visionary meet, albeit sometimes rather warily. Rob Kall is a genius at bringing us all together to share our "life journeys". May he continue to do so. Geoffrey Blundell, Mind Mirror designer
Thom Hartmann - click on the photo for more photosThe single most important event of the year for practitioners, theorists, and lay people in the ADD arena. In particular, I appreciate the casual atmosphere, the opportunities for discussion and cross-pollination of topics & new information, & the omnipresent Jacuzzi. This conference has an extremely high level of scientific & speculative information combined with an honest, humility, and humanity which is usually lacking from those conferences put on by associations" & "professional groups" who are often more interested in status, politics, and self-aggrandizement than they are in people learning and enjoying themselves.
Thom Hartmann, author, ADD a Different Perspective; Hunters in a Farmer's World, (one of the most popular ADD circuit speakers
This is the one conference with the right attitude-- people come here with open hearts and minds. Itís THE meeting I go to to hear the NEW IDEAS, to hear what people are thinking.
Sue Othmer


Anna Wise.gif (5837 bytes)It's hard to synthesize into words what an incredible experience your  conference was.  The words "family" and "community"aren't even strong enough to describe the sense of sharing, communion, creativity, and openness that I experienced.  I truly believe this field is coming together as never before, and your conference provides it  a home base and a launching point.  Anna Wise, The High Performance Mind,   Esalen Mind Mirror Trainer
"I consider it one of the most important conferences in this field."
Bernard Brucker, U. Miami
I think the Futurehealth meeting is the best of the neurotherapy/ neurofeedback/ neurodiagnostics meetings. I think this not only because it is focussed on neuro- matters, but further, because its organizer manages to get the best people heavily involved.
Peter Rosenfeld, Northwestern Univ., AAPB Past President, Neurofeedback pioneer
"for people who are engaged in modern healing, psychotechnology and peak  performance, the EEG brain/mind conferences are an absolute must. We hope there will be more European participants in the near future."   
Uwe Gerlach
"Rob Kall through his Future Health conference is the originator of all that is the best in the realm of the convening of minds in the neurofeedback world. Rob has been able to put together the greatest thinkers in this field from the clinical, academic and research worlds and do so within a forum that is supportive, encouraging, and stimulating. Thereís virtually no one else that I know of that could have made this happen and I believe that the field of neurofeedback owes Rob a deep deep debt of gratitude".
Thomas Brownback & Linda Mason Brownback
".. excellent information/ inspiration-- a delightful Key West Serendipity.   "The in-depth presentations and willing- ness to share of the presenters is   out- standing."
Patricia Norris past AAPB pres 

The most innovative & informative meetings for the advanced practioner in Neurofeedback. The amount of information & choices of workshops is great!" Michael Linden, Director- ADD Treatment Centers

a fantastic experience, more than worth the trip from "downunder".
Rosemarie Schneider, New Zealand

The Winter Brain Conference brings together the best minds in the field in probably the only setting where they feel free to openly express their hunches, theories, and opinions as they relate to the latest scientific research. If you want the cutting edge, its all there; napkins & pens and sketches in the air.  Richard Soutar

The most interesting speakers, the most stimulating interaction, the most enjoyable atmosphere  -- if I could go to only one meeting a year this would be it.  Rob's   meeting is COOL.       
David Noton, Forest Institute
The best of the best from the best.  A veritable banquet for the discriminating mind tech gourmet.  The only meeting which succeds at bring it all together in a synergistic and congenial atmosphere.   In otherwords, I like it! <g>   Dennis Campbell, EEG Spectrum
Beautiful presentations by specialist pioneers.  Enjoyable workshops with refreshing dialog, continuing six months later.  The pace was surprisingly dynamic, maintaining exceptional interest.  A unique program...
Brian Costello,   Australia
Futurehealth.org 40,000 hits/ week "Most         Informative Biofeedback Site On The Web."  Jim Robbins, Symphony in the Brain 
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