Futurehealth Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning & Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meeting

Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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3 Meetings in 1; Think of them as a blend of Omega, Esalen ,Transpersonal and NICABM, with biofeedback, story and a great community and fun exhibit hall.. Practical, sharing community --- those are the words that set the Winter Brain meeting apart. Attendees come back year after because presenters and attendees share a wealth of practical information that helps make better practitioners and practices.

Some of the Speakers:  Thomas Brod M.D.  |   Bernard Brucker   |  Dr. Thomas F. Collura   |   John W. DeLuca Ph.D.  |   Starr Eaddy Ph.D.  |  Dr. Pamela Enders   |   H. John Fisher   |   Sebern Fisher   |   Jay Gunkelman   |   Tina Huang Ph.D.  |   Karen Jacobs   |   Rob Kall M.Ed.  |  Prof. Alexander Kaplan Ph.D.  |   John Lowan   |   Peter McGugan   |   Peter McGugan   |   robert melillo   |   Ron Minson   |   Ed B O'Malley Ph.D.  |   Sue Othmer   |   Karl Pribram   |   Molly Jo Raaymakers M.A.  |   Allen L Roland Ph.D.  |  Dr. Beverly Rubik Ph.D.  |   Bill Scott   |   Kirby Seid   |    James Bonnet    Pamela Jaye Smith   |   Richard Soutar Ph.D.  |  Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler Ed.D.  |   Paul G Swingle Ph.D.  |   Rae Tattenbaum   |   Hershel Toomim   |  Mr. Peter Van Deusen   |   Jonathan Walker M.D.  |   Nancy E. White Ph.D.  |   Martin Wuttke   | Valdeane Brown, Rachel Ballon,  Jane Guttman

  • 15th Annual Futurehealth Winter Brain Meeting January 19-22 2007Optimal Brain Optimal Health;  With Neurofeedback, Biofeedback. A practical conference that looks at the latest techniques and practices aimed at helping practitioners  expand their wisdom base to heal their clients and build their practices. It focuses on treating ADHD, , Attachment Disorder, Closed Head Injuries, Depression, Stroke, Ancient & Cutting Edge Techniques.  Themes this year include Longevity and successful aging, Energy Medicine and Therapies, Relationships and much more

  • 11th Optimal Functioning & Positive Psychology Meeting January 21,22 2007  Weaving Psych, physiology, spirit, heart to explore Peak performance, Happiness, Emotional Intelligence, Spirituality, Altered States, Shamanism, Parapsychology, Mastery, Intuition, Prayer, Meditation, compassion,  intuition, Consciousness, making a better world, Neurotechnology and beyond

  • 6th StoryCon: Summit Meeting on the Art, Science & Application of Story  Jan 19,20th 2007 Story, narrative, myth, in writing, healing, business, therapy, spirituality, law, science… The story business, at more than $1.5 trillion a year, is one of the largest in the world. StoryCon explores story structure, story theories and how to use them in many spheres of life and work.

Hotel Info & Reservations

Pre-Conference Workshops and presenters:

-Rae Tattenbaum  Peak Performance Jan 17-18
-John Demos  Neurofeedback Certification Course (bcia) Jan 15-18
-John Lowan The Art and Science of Meditation.. Based on Neuroscience  Jan 17, 18
-Steve Larsen Introduction to the Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) Jan 15-18
-Paul Swingle Neurotherapy as Primary Care  Jan 17-18
-Neurofeedback Foundations Course; Jan 18that least 10 leaders in the field of neurofeedback get you started 


"The best conference for anyone interested in healing and human potential.  It brings together the best teachers of neurofeedback, applied cognitive science and all creators and users of the technologically assisted brain/consciousness training methods, and allows us to learn how to actually use it all  for growth and healing of ourselves and our patients.  Rob, thanks for having this great meeting.  I look forward all year to being with the good people, to the learning and sharing, and to the Palm Springs experience - and it never disappoints!"
Don Morgan , Psy.D., Director, Psychological Clinic Rutgers U. Grad School of Applied & Professional  Psych.
"The only conference I speak at that I would pay to attend."
Thom Hartmann, author, ADD, a Different Perspective,  The Edison Gene

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