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The Art and Science of Meditation


JOHN LOWAN, NBCB and Paul Petty, MD


Appropriate for beginning and advanced meditators. This two day course will take participants through a conceptual and experiential understanding of power of combining neuromonitoring and meditation. Our goal in this course is to have the participants experience the breakthroughs in meditation training that have come from the last 35 years of neuroscience. The course includes hands-on guidance through practical exercises in the major meditative brainwave states.


Course Description

Studies from several disciplines have now provided corroboration that meditation is not merely a placebo, that it provides substantial and long-term enhanced health, positive feelings of well being and peak performance.

Since the late 1960s, the developing field of neuroscience has made extensive observations of the brain in meditation with increasingly precise and powerful instruments. As a result of this knowledge, new techniques have evolved to accelerate and enhance meditation training. The efficacy of these techniques has, in turn been verified by the same technology.

With these discoveries, we can now greatly increase access to deep meditation states that were in the past accessible to a few dedicated devotees. For those unable to retreat from the world, for those with families, careers and limited time, meditation enhanced by the power of neuroscience techniques offers new possibilities.


What You Will Learn

The orientation of the course is experiential, with a brief coverage of the theory necessary to a scientific understanding of meditation and the practical application of that training. Participants will be given tools and guidance to take themselves through the major brainwave states applicable to meditation. Attention will be paid to objective analysis, comparison and recording of deep meditative states.

Note: Participants should be prepared to have fun.

A manual of the course information and CDs containing the course meditations will be provided.


Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in extending the possibilities of a meditation practice, or the integration of neuroscience and meditation



Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat, and pillow to lie on the floor.



Course Layout

Day One 9AM-4PM Lunch break

        Introduction and overview towards integrating meditation and neuroscience.. During the course we will refer to the pioneers and leading scientists who have clarified our understanding of this new field. We will present and discuss new techniques that have evolved to accelerate and enhance meditation training. Participants will be given the opportunity throughout the course to experience these techniques for themselves.

        We will review EEG basics, the mind-body connection and EEG patterns which indicate states of meditation.

        Beta: Theory and Meditation. Beta, with its constant mind-chatter  has proven to be the most difficult area to master for most meditators, particularly those raised in our information overload age. Many people who try meditation give up in frustration at this seemingly impossible challenge. We will present breakthrough techniques which have proven dramatically successful in providing the mastery of Beta necessary to entering the deeper realms of meditation. Sharing and Discussion will follow.


        Alpha: Theory and Meditation. Alpha represents a pleasant, calm, positive resting state that appears to act as a bridge to awareness of the deeper states of consciousness. Along with the pleasant feelings, training alpha provides enhanced performance for athletes, golfers, singers, martial artists or anyone who requires speed and accuracy with their hands or body. Many meditation systems train Alpha through visualizations or mantra repetitions. Our EEG observations have demonstrated that this does not work for many people and we will offer Alpha exploration exercises in the workshop that provide easy access to this state for virtually anyone. Sharing and Discussion.

  • Theta: Theory and Meditation Theta is the brainwave frequency that we are producing in dreaming sleep and has been the goal of many meditation systems. It is recognized as the storehouse of emotions and the subconscious memories. Theta, as in our dreaming, is very creative and intuitive. However, it also carries the potential for terrifying images and emotions. Based on our Neuro observations, we have developed an approach to access Theta safely and use its wonderful creativity. The participants will have the opportunity to experience these. Sharing and Discussion.


Day Two 9AM-4PM Lunch Break  

        Energy: Theory and Meditation A meditator who is experiencing high energy will be much more likely to maintain alertness and focus. This is considered a prerequisite to entering the deeper states of meditation. We will discuss traditional systems for enhancing energy such as Chi, Chakras, QuiGong and Kundalini and new understandings that are emerging from our EEG observations. Participants will be given a meditation that will train quick, effective and safe access to their own energy states. Sharing and discussion.

        Delta: Theory and Meditation Delta can provide a profound calming and deep meditation experience and appears related to the capacity for empathy and reaching out beyond ones self. Meditators who have a conscious experience of Delta report that the state is both profound and psychologically healing. However, very few meditation systems have been successful in training Delta in more than a very low percentage of dedicated people. Our approach to Delta meditation is designed to give participants a taste of the bliss of Delta and the tools to further explore this state for themselves. Sharing and discussion.

        Integration of all the meditation states into a normal life. Very few of us have the luxury of being able to withdraw into a monastery, cave or mountaintop. This meditation training is fast and effective and does not require isolation to realize its full benefits. We encourage the full integration of meditation into everyday life, by aligning the inner states with the outer activities. Our goal is to have people become happier, more creative, productive, connected, and more able to offer positive contributions in work, play and relationships. We will offer the participants a meditation that is directed towards that integration.

        Future possibilities and research. This course is based on neuroscience, on a new understanding of the brain and its energies. In its current state it presents the most effective meditation system that we have ever encountered. That said, neuroscience is a relatively fresh face in the scientific world as it continues to develop, so will our ability to make meditation more accessible to people. For example we have only begun to explore and realize the potential of training the high frequency Gamma state. Discussion. Q&As.



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