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Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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Rae Tattenbaum;

The Secret Weapon: The Mind

Empowering Achievement-Oriented Clients with a Five Step

Program for Optimal Performance

Jan 17-18, 2007,  Palm Springs CA
 Instructor:  Rae Tattenbaum, MSW, BCIA Certified in Neurofeedback
 Rae Tattenbaum is a licensed social worker.  Along with an MSW from the Columbia School of Social Work, she has an undergraduate degree in theater arts and extensive experience in both the theater and business worlds.  Ms. Tattenbaum’s experience in senior executive positions with companies such as Northern Telecom and Nortel enables her to understand the need for business executives to learn how to best manage their energy and resources.  More recently, she has become well known, both as a personal coach for artists and athletes and as one of the leading instructors in peak performance techniques.

When asked by a NY Times reporter what was the most important attribute of his game, Tiger Woods responded, “My mind”. Those seeking to achieving Edge from the Metropolitan Opera to Scholars to  Olympic athletes talk about qualities of mind as central to their performance. Recently, the Wall Street Journal, ESPN and other media featured AC Milan's use of biofeedback, particularly EEG biofeedback as important contributions to Italy's capture of the World Cup. EEG biofeedback works directly with the brain to enhance qualities of mind, to activate the secret weapon.


This workshop will provide a model of services to work with athletes, performing artists, student athletes, scholars, or business professionals on qualities of mind, including quieting emotion and gaining attention.

Traditional biofeedback has been a mainstay in many elite athletes’ training and now EEG biofeedback and its usefulness to the mind is capturing the attention of those who wish to move beyond their own set point. This five component program taught in this workshop will provide the practitioner with many tools to optimize success in achievement-oriented clients.  What separates this workshop from most others on optimal performance is the centrality of EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback into the training framework. Instant and specific feedback on the qualities of brain/mind allows the client to dissolve obstacles that he or she experiences to full achievement.


This two day workshop will include:

·       An overview of research on optimal performance 

·       Review and discussion of traits and characteristics of peak performers

·        Biofeedback and Neurofeedback and their history

·       Clinical vs. Power vs. Optimal

·       Assessment: Tracking Arousal, Attachment and Attention

·       Attachment, relationship and the peak performer

·       Physiological balance tools, including Heart Rate Variability, Relaxation and Open Focus

·       The use of Biofeedback and EEG Biofeedback:

o      The Technology

o       Applications

·       Inner Journey: How to use information from the assessment and from the instruments to help the client recognize and dissolve barriers

·       Mental Imagery: Using the technology to facilitate images of achievement

·       Coach as the Important Other:   The interpersonal, relational component of peak performance

·       Pre and post measures of achievement from SAT scores to golf handicaps, to peer assessment of performance.

·       Marketing your service


This workshop is open to those who are already using neurofeedback who wish to expand into peak performance and to those who are new to this technology and this approach who want to listen in and learn. Rae Tattenbaum, Chair of AAPB’s Optimal Functioning Section, always garners excellent reviews for this workshop. Join her for a stimulating, challenging and highly enjoyable two days in the optimal world of optimal performance.

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