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Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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Some more views of some of the incredible scenery at the Indian Canyons Oasis,
which is 10 minutes from the meeting hotel. It is said this is the world's largest natural palm oasis.
If you are not using a cable or high speed internet connection, this page will take a long time to load.
All these pictures were taken on one hike in the Palm Canyon, a ten minute drive from the hotel.

Winter  Brain 2006 Meeting

Only small vehicles get through here. No bus tours.  Winter  Brain 2003 Meeting

This is the big grove, where we're heading.

These wild palms in the oassis grove are ungroomed. Winter  Brain 2003 Meeting

a stone path across a stream with snow-melt source.


Local Fauna. Yes. That's a rattlesnake. But they have a season and are not supposed to be common in January.
Winter  Brain 2003 Meeting
Ever imagine what an Oasis looks like? Here's the real thing. Almost archetypal.

The big rock in the middle is about 18 feet high. Can you imagine Indiana Jones exploring here?

There's something about this one I like..... Rushes in the canyon..



Having climbed up some rocks about 100 feet, Noah Kall stops for a local treat-- a jalapeno cheese
bagel break, with a view of a cave entrance down below.

Your tour guide/ meeting organizer, Rob Kall


A view from the entrance to the canyon, of Palm Springs, in the Coachella Valley.

Snow in the upper right, oasis in the middle left. Another hiking opportunity.



Winter  Brain 2003 Meeting

Then back to the hotel.









More photos, taken from tourist web sites.

Windmills; Not from the hike, but more reasons to come to Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Tram

Winter  Brain 2003 Meeting

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