Futurehealth Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning & Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meeting

Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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2 Day Workshop: Introduction to QEEG

Feb 4, 5 Jay Gunkelman and Richard Soutar


QEEG Two Day Workshop
Day 1
How EEG is generated
Dipole Orientation
Standing and Traveling Waves
What appears at the electrode site
Anatomy, Physiology, & Networks
EEG  Coupling and Neuromodulators
EEG and Pharmacology
EEG and Blood Perfusion
Networks, Convergence Zones & Signaling Theory
EEG and MRI Studies
Lesion Research and EEG
Epochs and Sampling Rates
Simple vs Complex Wave Forms
Background vs Transients
Gain vs Amplitude
Normal Waking Variants
Abnormal Waking Variants
Spikes Waves and Instabilities
Client Sleepiness
Discriminating EMG from Beta
Frequency, Filters, & Spectral analysis
How FFTs Discriminate Frequency
FFT Distortions
High and Low Pass Filters
Functional Correlates of Frequency
How Filters Affect Power Averaging
Uses of Spectral Analysis
Power vs Magnitude
What is Power
What is Magnitude
Absolute vs Relative Power
Power Gradient
Power and Disorder Correlates
Coherence & Phase
Symmetry and Synchrony
Differential amplifiers
Common Mode Rejection
Localization and Polarity
Functional Correlates of Coherence
Coherence vs Coupling
Coherence and Disorder Correlates
Day 2
Montages & Asymmetries
What is the Purpose of Reference
What is the Purpose of Ground
The Effect of Reference on Power
The Effect of Reference on Coherence
The Effect of Reference on Asymmetry
Correlates of Asymmetry
Monopolar vs Serial Montage
Uses of Laplacian Montage
Other Montage Strategies
Databases- Strengths & Weaknesses
E. Roy John Database
Hudspeth Database
Thatcher Database
LORETA and Source Localization
Training Toward the Normal Distribution
What is the Normal Distribution
The Brain as a System
Non-Linear Dynamics and The Brain
Strategic Intervention- Protocol Development
Protocol Evaluation
Putting It All Together
Q Demonstration and Practicum
The Sequence of Analysis
Case Studies
Report Writing and Formats
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