Futurehealth Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning & Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meeting

Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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Thought Technology Ltd.
2180 Belgrave Avenue
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H4A 2L8
tel. (800)361-3651, ext. 124
514-489-8251, ext. 124
BrainMaster Technologies Inc.
Provider of EEG Nurofeedback equipment, systems education and training. Low cost versatile, effective 2 channel EEG with wide range of software and hardware options.  Introducing the new 2.0 Clinical Pro software with Remote Training Feature; MiniQ - quick assessment tool; AUX/HEG interface to BioComp System, and introducing  NeuroCare Pro enabling option!
24490 Broadway Avenue  Oakwood Village, OH 44146
440-232-6000 440-232-7171 (fax)www.brainmaster.com  info@brainmaster.com email
  10% discount and free shipping in continental US for all equipment purchased at conference
a.) Pocket EEG  Debut of A-I: pocket-sized 2ch EEG/HEG, with binaural beats, and infrared link for PC neurofeedback applications. Dr Von will demonstrate.
125 S. Swoope Avenue, Suite 109   Maitland Florida 32751 407 644 6464  www.drbiofeedback.com
Offer  Regular: $895 WinterBrain Special: $795
Stens Corporation Stens Corporation workshops have been rated #1 by the BCIA. We are pleased to talk with you about your needs to determine which of our many courses would be best for you. We are also proud to present the Procomp+Multitrace/Biograph and BioIntegrator systems plus a large selection of books and tapes.
Stephen H. Stern President
3020 Kerner Blvd, Suite "D" San Rafael, CA 94901-5444   Phone: (800) 257-8367 (415) 455-0111 Fax: (415) 455-0333
Email: sales@stens-biofeedback.com   Web: www.stens-biofeedback.com  
Offer Stens Corporation is pleased to offer a $195 "show special" discount for anyone registering for one of our 5-day Biofeedback or EEG workshops. Additionally, we will ship any system, FREE of shipping and handling charges, if ordered at the show.
Peak Achievement Training  Are your training protocols confusing?  Hard to comprehend?  We have discovered how to de-confound the beta-theta and SMR-theta protocols into two easily understood components--  Concentration and Alertness--both thoroughly grounded in psychological research.  The new ConAlert protocols for the Peak Achievement Trainer simplify training for peak performance and attention problems. 
1103 Hollendale Way Goshen, KY 40026   Phone:  502-228-0605   Fax:  502-228-5228
info@peakachievement.com     www.peakachievement.com
  Offer The first person to buy a Peak Achievement Trainer receives a 25% discount on the combination of the Trainer and the ConAlert Protocols.  Each succeeding purchaser will receive 5% less discount.  Although all the usual protocols are included, you have to try ConAlert to understand how important this advance is!
Better Physiology Ltd.,
1942 Broadway, Suite 314  Boulder, CO 80304 
303.402.6968       719.623.4521 fax
instruments@betterphysiology.com   www.betterphysiology.com
 Instrumentation for breathing and heart rate variability evaluation and training, including CO2 (capnometry), End-Tidal CO2, breaths per minute, breathing rate variability, beat to beat heart rate, RSA index, and heart rate variability frequency analysis.
 $500.00 discount to conference attendees for purchases made at conference
1150 North Loop 1604 W.  Suite 108-617  San Antonio, Tx 78248
www.docbluminc.com   DRD2gene @aol.com
phone-1866-docblum   cell 210 - 38-8621   order # 210-381-8716
Under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Blum, NutriGenomics Inc. has recently introduced the REWARD Product line. The products include both nutraceuticals and genetic testing, basedon a rubric of patnted formulae, designed to provide nutritional and genetic support for those with "REWARD DEFICIENCY SYNDROME" ( Alcohol addiction, stimulant addiction, nicotone addiction,
weight control, ADHD< PMs etc).
Futurehealth.org 40,000 hits/ week "Most         Informative Biofeedback Site On The Web."  Jim Robbins, Symphony in the Brain 
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